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A great way to really see the differences in photo & art paper options (and even different canvas, fabric and wallpaper materials) is to order a single sample order (or alternatively a sample order pack, consisting of up to four different stock samples of your choice) from our range.


When you get your sample/pack, you can appreciate the quality firsthand and also see how each paper/material has been hand-chosen for its particular attributes; coating, texture, reflectivity and the way it represents color.


Upon checkout, kindly add a note to your cart page specifying your choice of up to any four paper/material samples from our range. And if your current order is comprised only of this item, remember to specify "Free Shipping only on Sample Orders" when selecting your shipping preference.


Sample dimentions are A5 size (148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in); they are unprinted, real samples of the actual stock material and mailed in a sturdy protective envelope.


The ImageLAB main range of fine art and photography papers as well as our canvases, wallpaper and other materials, from which up to any four sample orders per pack may be selected, consist of the following:


• Enhanced Matte Paper (189 g/m²)

• Velvet Fine Art Paper (255 g/m²)

• Custom Printed Upholstery Canvas UV-sealed (370 g/m²)

• Top Grade Eco-Canvas Matte (370+ g/m²)

• Gallery Fine Art Canvas Luster or Matte (395 g/m²)

• 100% Cotton Fine Art Canvas Matte (340 g/m²)

• Premium Photo Luster Paper (260 g/m²)

• Gallery Art Photo Gloss Paper (310 g/m²)

• Lightweight/Line Art Bond Paper (80 g/m²)

• Presentation Matte Paper (180 g/m²)

• Lightweight High-quality Polyester Foldable Fabric Poster Material

• Printable DIY Printable Wallpaper

• Self-adhesive Printable Vinyl


Shipping is free if your current order is comprised of only this item, however, please allow 7 to 14 days for local delivery and up to four weeks for international delivery.


Paper/Material Sample Order

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