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On-site monitor calibration/gauging and characterization/profiling service available to clientele within a 40 km radius from Imagelab in Migdal HaEmek as well as Haifa.

Color Management Consultation: Monitor Calibration

  • The monitor is our main working tool at home. And this main working tool is not always accurate when displaying colors.

    Moreover, monitors have three main drawbacks for us who edit images: when they leave the factory, they're always too bright, too contrasted and the image is too cold.

    But nowadays powerful and affordable tools exist to solve those issues, ensuring that what you see on your monitor is exactly how it is going to print. We are thus going to calibrate our monitor using a tool much more efficient than our dear human eye: a calibration sensor, also called colorimeter.

    Do yourself a favor: have a display calibration with a monitor sensor, a colorimeter, performed. You have no idea how it will change your way of working!

    ImageLab provides this professional service to clientele within a 40 km radius from ImageLab in Migdal HaEmek as well as Haifa. For more information, please contact us.

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