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Whether you are an educator, academic speaker at a conference, event planner or student needing to print a large poster or presentation, ImageLab prints superbly on a large scale!

Top Notch Presentations by ImageLab


We specialize in printing large-format academic and conference posters as well as a variety of exhibition-quality presentation graphics. Archival large format printing is available on several different media to meet the demanding standards of discriminating artists. When the highest color photographic images are not necessary, however, we also offer economical alternatives with regard to available media for event and educational exposition graphics.


Providing our customers with quality presentation printing options is a top priority, but we’re also dedicated to affordability. Regardless of the type of printing option you select, or the size of your presentation, we offer competitive prices suited to fit your printing budget.


Our business relies upon uncompromising technical precision, skilled craft and a collaborative environment so that you can have full control of the entire presentation production process. We work one-on-one with you to ensure that your vision is met to the strictest specifications producing professional prints of the highest caliber.


So, whether you’re presenting a short-term visual at an exhibition or trade show or looking to create your own high end print or poster from your personal layouts and pictures, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality at the best price at ImageLab.



Making sure your layout looks amazing, we know you’ll love your new exposition prints from ImageLab! 
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